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Our Story

Dreamwalkers shoes was born from the intersection of two different paths of life that were meant to get together.

Despite being born in France and Spain, our destiny was to meet in New York City  forty years after. Previously we had left our shoe marks in Afghanistan, Italy, Argentina, places that shaped our way of understanding reality.

By the time we met in 2019, the worn down soles of our respective shoes were made of the combination of two same elements: a unique way of walking on the ground while keeping our heads in the clouds, and an unwavering loyalty to the voice of our hearts.

We had already become Dreamwalkers

We believe in the values that inspired the slow fashion movement: trendless and timeless designs made with high quality long-lasting materials by expert artisans’ hands.

Creating curated collections based on quality finishes and comfort is at the heart of our contribution to a more sustainable fashion industry.

We make shoes for conscious people who know the importance of buying less but better.

The empowering stories of exceptional women are a significant influence in our creations. We believe in the importance of sharing them to inspire others on their way to make their dreams come true.

Exclusive designs inspired by remarkable women, crafted by expert hands with top quality materials, is what makes a Dreamwalkers shoe precious and unique, just like you!