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When she was eight years old, she found a star that had fallen from the sky in the park.

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At least that’s what she believed until she returned home and showed the rare find to her father, who quickly pulled her out of the fantasy. 

-This is just a piece of glass. Throw it away before you hurt yourself. 

Years later she would try to justify her father’s eagerness to limit her childhood daydreams.

It had not been easy to raise a child alone, clinging to the ghost of his wife, whose memory plunged him into deep bitterness and sadness. 

Like all children, she was stubborn and disobeyed her father’s orders.

She put her star in an old shoebox, where she kept her treasures.

She had time to observe it more closely and noticed one of its arms was broken.

She thought it was probably due to a hard landing. 

She also noticed that her star was not as bright as those in the sky and began to fear that perhaps it was sick and missed the warmth of its family, just as she longed for the love of her dad. 

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When she turned eighteen, she proceeded to make a small hole in her star, through which she crossed a leather cord and transformed her star into a pendant, which she wore around her neck as a talisman

Her father looked at the collar with a disapproving eye. 

He did not believe in those daydreams and led his daughter with a firm hand to much more rational worlds, where order and science controlled everything. 

She followed his advice but was driven by a completely different force. Her heart and mind understood the importance of madness and chaos. Some nights she would walk with her father under the starry sky and tried to convey her passionate and messy thoughts, but he could not understand his daughter was full of enthusiasm and joy for life. 

She graduated with a degree in aeronautic engineering, and, after very long and hard years of work and training, she was invited to be a part of the first human crew bound for Mars. 

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On the indicated day, at the exact time she set foot on the red planet, her fellow Americans recorded that Historic event.

Her father, 239 million miles away, watched his daughter through the old TV. 

She pulled out something from a pocket of her astronaut suit and held it between the fingers of her glove.

The camera landed on that starry-shaped pendant and followed it for a few seconds when she let go and it floated in space. 

The words she spoke would be the subject of study by Earths’ scientists for many months.

Her father perceived them as words of an incantation that break an enchantment

Sadness and hopelessness escaped his soul, and an intense light flooded his gaze. 

-I told you I would take her back home